Mileage Rates

$50 minimum includes the first 5 miles. Additional miles are $2.95 each. Up to 15 minutes of waiting time at the point of pick up are included in the minimum. Additional waiting time, at the point of pick up and/or at customer directed stops, will be charged at $13.75 for each accumulated 15 minute interval. One way trips originating or terminating outside of the greater Washington, DC metropolitan service area will be subject to additional charges.

Hourly Rates

When service with multiple stops (including stops en route and wait and return ) is provided exclusively within the city of Washington, DC (or within 10 miles radius of downtown), service will be billed at the hourly rate with no mileage fees. A $55 minimum includes the first hour of service. Additional time will be charged at $13.75 per quarter hour ($55/hr.) A grace period of up to fifteen minutes of waiting will apply at the point of pick up. The hourly rate does not apply for airport service.

  • Rates do not include 20% gratuity & STC.
  • Rates are subject to change at any time.
  • Special events may affect rates. Call for details.
  • $10 surcharge will apply for all services rendered between the hours of 11:30pm and 5:30am.
  • For all other locations, other high capacity vehicles and their different rates please call us at:
    (703) 499-1041, or 800-473-5960.